Monday, 18 June 2012

Hospital Expo Indonesian Jakarta Convention Centre

Hospital Expo will serve as a platform for medical suppliers, industry professionals, government bodies, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. This exhibition will be held four days from 19-22 Oct, 2010 at Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) in the Indonesia.

Profile for exhibit include Medical Equipment and Technologies, Clinical Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Control and Diagnostic Equipment, Surgical Block, Equipment for Monitoring and Insentive Care, Preventive Medicine Equipment, Rehabilitation and Help for Disabled, Prosthesis Products, Medical Aids Products, First Aid, Furnishing, Kitchen and Laundry Management, Equipment and Products for Sterilization, Cleaning, Desinfection, Waste Treatment and Disposal.

CEOs & top executives, purchase executive, manufacturing engineers of pharmaceutical companies, R&D professionals, pharma machinery suppliers & distributors, pharma consultants, scientists, government experts are the target audience.

Medical Equipment and technologies, clinical laboratory, pharmaceutical, medicine, analysis, control and diagnostic equipment, surgical block, equipment for monitoring and intensive care, preventive medicine equipment, rehabilitation and help for the disabled, prosthesis products, medical aid products, first aid, hospital engineering, telecommunications and data transmission, furnishing, kitchen and laundry management, equipment and products for sterilization, cleaning, disinfection, waste treatment and disposal, cold storage, cars, ambulance, hospital furniture, banking, computer, education and career, books and publishing, insurance and other companies which have relation with the field of hospitalisation

The trade show Hospital EXPO - Indonesian International Hospital, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Clinical, Laboratories Equipment and Medicine Exhibition is hosted at Jakarta, Indonesia. The tradeshow's frequency is annual.

Source:- Medical Events


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